Small format – Major help

For all healthcare companies who want to provide their patients with better information.

Patient information which fits neatly in your pocket

A new approach to patient information

The lack of communication between patients and doctors is a frequent and major problem in everyday clinical practice. Patients bemoan the lack of empathy shown by doctors and their use of overly technical jargon. Due to cost pressures in our health system, on the other hand, medical staff have ever less time to develop a trusting basis for communication. Yet this is a key factor behind the success of treatment and it is precisely here where PocketDoktor® comes into its own with its novel patient information concept.

Handy pocket-sized format

The PocketDoktor® books are designed in a handy pocket-sized format measuring 12 × 12 cm, making them an ideal companion which no patient should be without. The combination of short, simple text and the clear presentation of medical facts over 28 pages has proven popular amongst both patients and medical staff. The PocketDoktor® books are available in several languages.

Scientifically founded concept

PocketDoktor® offers its customers in the health sector a scientifically founded, customisable concept for communicating medical facts. Alongside the proven higher degree of patient satisfaction, the understanding of the illness and its prevention as well as the doctor/patient relationship are all promoted in the long term.